Main Stage Bands – June 20, 2015

2015 Main Stage Bands Coming Soon. Below are the bands from 2014.

Comander-cody-Photo-Thumb-150x150Commander Cody

Look in any book on the History of Rock and Roll and you will find Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen. The band’s name was inspired by 1950′s film serials featuring the character Kommando Kody and from a feature version of an earlier serial, King of the Rocket Men, released under the title Lost Plant Airmen.

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Big-Leg-Emma-Photo-thumb-150x150Big Leg Emma

Hailing from Western New York, Big Leg Emma has infused high quality, original, Americana roots rock with the magic and art of the Jam band realm. BLE is based on traditional folk, bluegrass and country. This gives them the catchy, dance vibe that initially will attract you.

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MiZ is a soulful, Rock-Americana artist from Northeast Pennsylvania who is know as an acoustic and electric guitar virtuoso. His sound is directly impacted by the coal mining region of PA and the songs evoke the rustic tones and imagery you would expect from the region and it’s cultural heritage. The singer / songwriter / guitarist Mike Mizwinski gives name to the band and his solo work and it is his heart and soul.

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The-Farm-Hands-Photo-thumb-150x150The Farm Hands

In 2014 the Farm Hands Bluegrass Quartet was nominated for 14 Bluegrass Music Awards including Band of the Year, Gospel Band of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. Their YouTube videos, Facebook, and Twitter pages have thousands of followers. Their monthly newsletter is a regular feature in ‘Bluegrass Unlimited’, the bluegrass industry’s top publication. They are one of the busiest touring bands in bluegrass, performing over 150 dates per year.

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