Honesdale Roots & Rhythm is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors whose goal is to provide music and arts entertainment in a safe environment for all. We respect the Borough of Honesdale rules and regulations regarding Central Park and its environs, which are included here with our own policies.

  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • No tobacco use, including electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.
  • No weapons or open fires permitted.
  • No vandalism of park or Roots property or littering.  Roots & Rhythm provides recycle trash bins clearly marked throughout the park.
  • All dogs/pets must be leashed.
  • No one is allowed behind the Main Stage area except for performers and those with special passes distributed by the Board of Directors.
  • No parking in handicap spaces without a Handicap Tag.
  • The use of motorbikes and/or off-the-road vehicles is prohibited, unless there is specifically set aside an area of the park for that purpose.
  • Children: please keep them within visible range. Have a plan for them and yourself in an emergency.
  • The Roots Merchandise/Gear Tent is a location for emergencies, including lost items.
  • The Borough of Honesdale & Honesdale Roots & Rhythm will not be responsible for any damages, injuries, etc., to any vehicle operated or parked and also will not be responsible for any personal injury or property damage other than to vehicles arising out of the use of the park.
  • All parks in Honesdale open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 11:00 p.m. of every night, which hours are strictly adhered to unless written approval is granted by the Honesdale Borough Council.

Note:  There is a Security Team in the park on the day of the festival.